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Saab Turbo X vs. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin vs Saab Turbo X

One Black Saab Turbo X suddenly found itself in a typical Hollywood story… Namely, the famous Hollywood star Alec Baldwin was arrested yesterday and charged with assault and harassment after allegedly striking a man in the face during a dispute over a parking spot outside his New York City home.

According to the police,  the famous movie star claimed he had a family member holding the spot for him as he attempted to park his black Cadillac Escalade around 13:30, when a man driving a black Saab 9-3 Turbo X Sportcombi pulled up and took it. Allegedly, the Saab driver swooped into a space Baldwin was preparing to park in himself, and he was not pleased.

Baldwin was arguing with a Saab owner over a parking spot when the incident occurred, according to sources. It happened on East 10th Street near University Place, according to the NYPD. The 49-year-old Saab driver complained of pain and was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital.

Daily mail photo of Saab Turbo X

According to British Daily Mail, owner of Saab Turbo X is Wojciech Cieszkowski and  An eye witness said Baldwin punched Wojciech Cieszkowski, 49, of Pearl River in a dispute over a parking spot and Cieszkowski was then taken to a hospital

Baldwin went home after being processed, and didn’t speak to reporters as he left a police precincthouse. He was ordered to appear in court Nov. 26. Baldwin walked silently past reporters and photographers to a waiting SUV on Friday afternoon.

This is not the first incident for Baldwin, he had similar incidents before and expressed his aggressiveness.

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