Saab Turbo X in Australian the dust

SAAB 9-3  with a drive to all four wheels – AWD, with a unique series concept label Turbo X, which recently made ​​its debut, and whose predecessor’s 9-3, was transferred to Australia in real field conditions for testing and advertising recording.

Turbo X just in real terms, on unpaved and bumpy road shows all his strengths and weaknesses, which you can see from this video that I done the journalists who are called to follow the testing.

Behind the wheel is an experienced relist Peter Johansson, whose father and grandfather spent a lifetime in the development of Saab models.

It’s just that incredibly with one such saloon you can “burn” over 170km/h on such a surface. As I heard from colleagues in the local Saab dealer by year-end to Serbia arrives Turbo X, and we will try it out at home.


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