Saab Turbo X arrived in Serbia

Here’s the real exclusives ! Although there were some indications that the latest and most complete technical Saab model with all-wheel drive four-wheel drive ( XWD ) come to Serbia at the end of the year , in all this amazing car came to us through MVM Motors.

2700580463 8cf874cb66 Saab Turbo X stigao u Srbiju

The XWD is designed to spatially differentiate itself from the rest of the game , and stylized detailing evokes the look of the legendary black Saab 900 Turbo . Turbo X is sold on a market in a limited edition , only in black and with a special , beautiful 18 “alloy wheels that make it clearly stand out as compared to any other Saab, and other models from other manufacturers .

2701395244 9fc0a93e40 Saab Turbo X stigao u Srbiju

In addition to the innovative drive to all four wheels that can intelligently variably distributes the drive force to the front and rear axles (also especially on the sides , the rear axle ) , featuring the extraordinary V6 Turbo 2.8-liter engine that delivers a power of 280 hp and massive 400 Nm of torque across a broad range of 2150 to 4500 Nominal per minute .

2700582591 e060c2f743 Saab Turbo X stigao u Srbiju

For now you can only see the photos , and soon after homologation and registration, and a little test .

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