Saab: The World’s Most Missed Discontinued Car Brand!

Saab - The World's Most Missed Discontinued Car Brand

In the ever-evolving world of automobiles, a select few car brands leave an indelible mark, not just on dedicated enthusiasts but on drivers around the globe. Among these iconic brands, Saab stands out as the most missed discontinued car manufacturer, making waves in the hearts of car lovers worldwide.

Hippo Leasing, a renowned leasing company, embarked on a comprehensive global study to unravel the profound impact Saab has had on the automotive landscape. In this article, we delve into the allure of Saab, examining its enduring significance to not only Saab enthusiasts but to drivers everywhere.

Saab: The World’s Most Missed Discontinued Car Brand

Hippo Leasing’s study, driven by search volume, unveiled a resounding truth—the world yearns for Saab like no other discontinued car brand. With an astounding 107,200 monthly searches, Saab has cemented its place as the planet’s most missed car manufacturer. Saab’s appeal transcends borders, capturing the hearts of diverse driving communities.

The top 10 most missed discontinued car brands globally, based on search volume, are as follows:

Rank Car Brand Search Volume
1 Saab 107,200
2 Pontiac 98,900
3 Oldsmobile 46,480
4 Trabant 29,940
5 Holden 27,000
6 Studebaker 23,200
7 DeSoto 21,460
8 Saturn 21,080
9 Talbot 13,780
10 Edsel 13,670


Saab’s Global Appeal

Saab’s popularity spans regions and evolves with time. In Scandinavia, Saab held a robust presence, boasting a loyal customer base. Across the Atlantic in the United States, Saab cultivated a unique following, characterized by an appreciation for the brand’s quirky and unconventional approach to car design.

In the United States, Saab garnered a devoted following among drivers who embraced the brand's eccentric and innovative approach to car design.
In the United States, Saab garnered a devoted following among drivers who embraced the brand’s eccentric and innovative approach to car design.

Saab’s journey, like many discontinued car brands, was fraught with financial challenges, ownership transitions, and competitive pressures, ultimately leading to its discontinuation in 2012. Despite these hurdles, Saab’s distinct and aerodynamic design, paired with its reputation for being a great alternative to mainstream offerings, keeps the brand’s legacy alive in the hearts of drivers globally.

Saab: A Global Icon

Saab’s appeal goes far beyond nostalgia for brand enthusiasts. Hippo Leasing’s study unraveled the profound impact Saab has had on drivers worldwide, sparking a universal longing for its return.

Regional Variations: The Saab Effect

The study’s analysis of Saab’s popularity in different countries is a testament to its global influence. Saab emerged as the most missed car brand in various nations, showcasing its widespread appeal:

  • USA: Saab stands as the second most missed brand, reflecting the affinity American drivers have for its unique character.
  • Japan: Saab tops the list, resonating with Japanese drivers who appreciate Saab’s distinct identity.
  • Germany: While Saab makes an appearance, the German market leans towards Trabant, a series of small compact cars produced in East Germany.
  • UK: Saab garners admiration, indicating its timeless appeal in the British automotive landscape.
  • India: Saab is a sentimental favorite, showcasing its transcultural significance.
  • France: Saab’s allure reaches France, demonstrating its ability to captivate diverse audiences.
  • Italy: Pontiac leads the list, but the Italian brand De Tomaso and British-French brand Talbot also evoke nostalgic sentiments.
  • Canada: Saab secures a spot in the top three most missed brands, reinforcing its resonance in the Canadian market.
  • Korea: Korean drivers resonate with Saab, aligning with its global appeal.
  • Brazil: Saab is among the top three, signifying its significance in the South American market.

The consistency of Saab’s presence in the top three most missed brands worldwide underscores its universal impact.

Saab, It's Saab. According to a recent study conducted by Hippo Leasing, Saab is the resounding choice of people in Japan, the U.K., India, France, and Korea, affirming its enduring appeal on a global scale.
Saab, It’s Saab. According to a recent study conducted by Hippo Leasing, Saab is the resounding choice of people in Japan, the U.K., India, France, and Korea, affirming its enduring appeal on a global scale.

Here are the top three missed discontinued car brands in the largest economies:

  • USA: Pontiac, Saab, Oldsmobile
  • Japan: Saab, Pontiac, Edsel
  • Germany: Trabant, Saab, Pontiac
  • UK: Saab, Pontiac, Holden
  • India: Saab, Pontiac, Holden
  • France: Saab, Pontiac, Talbot
  • Italy: Pontiac, De Tomaso, Talbot
  • Canada: Pontiac, Saab, Oldsmobile
  • Korea: Saab, Pontiac, Holden
  • Brazil: Pontiac, Saab, Studebaker

Saab’s Revered Status on Reddit

Saab’s global recognition as the most missed car brand is further validated by insights from the Reddit community. A Reddit post inquiring about the discontinued car manufacturer users most wanted to see make a return resulted in an outpouring of sentiments. Saab ranked second in the Reddit community’s list of missed brands, highlighting its deep-seated connection with enthusiasts and the wider driver community.

The top 10 most missed brands, according to Reddit, are as follows:

Rank Manufacturer Mentions Percentage
1 Pontiac 77 24.84%
2 Saab 36 11.61%
3 AMC 32 10.32%
4 Oldsmobile 26 8.39%
5 Saturn 24 7.74%
6 Studebaker 23 7.42%
7 Tucker 13 4.19%
8 Packard 13 4.19%
9 Mercury 12 3.87%
10 Plymouth 12 3.87%

Saab: A Timeless Legacy

Saab’s status as the world’s most missed discontinued car brand extends far beyond mere nostalgia. It signifies a timeless legacy that continues to captivate enthusiasts and inspire those with a passion for unique and innovative automotive design.

Saab stands as a beacon of global appeal

In the realm of discontinued car brands, Saab stands as a beacon of global appeal. Hippo Leasing’s comprehensive study, drawing insights from search volume and Reddit enthusiasts, underscores Saab’s unparalleled significance in the automotive world. Saab enthusiasts worldwide are not alone in their yearning for the brand’s revival; drivers of all backgrounds appreciate the distinct character and innovation that Saab brought to the road.

As the automotive industry evolves, the prospect of Saab’s return remains a topic of conversation, kindling hope for those who hold a special place in their hearts for this iconic brand. Saab’s legacy lives on, celebrated by a global community that recognizes its enduring impact on the world of automobiles.

Best Alternatives for Discontinued Cars

While the beloved cars from these discontinued brands may no longer be available, Hippo Leasing offers some enticing alternatives for those seeking a similar driving experience. Here’s an example:

  • Saab 9-3 Alternative: Volvo S60
    • The Saab 9-3 was cherished for its unique character, and a great alternative is the Volvo S60. As a Swedish-built car, Volvo has evolved in the last decade, known for its safety features and beautifully designed vehicles. The S60 offers practicality, comfort, and ample cargo space, available in both petrol and hybrid versions.


  • I absolutely LOVE my 2009 SAAB 9-3 Sportwagon which I have owned for 4 years.
    So much so that 2 months after buying her I vowed that I NEVER want to drive anything else! I have spent the past 7 months modding and restoring her to beauty at a cost of around £3000 up to yet.
    She’s worth every penny spent 😍

  • Sorry, but in the UK Holden is almost unheard of, and certainly not missed. The UK has many brands of its own which are missed, like Triumph, Riley, Wolseley…. the list goes on. SAAB is certainly up there, but only amongst officionados.

    • No explanation needed, Saab was and still is an exceptional car, no doubt about it.
      I have yet my third one, a 9-3 convertible and she’s a beauty that will remain beloved for many more years.

  • You‘re right , but I‘ll keep my 1990 900 S , my 7th Saab , though reaching 82 soon , no f… familymember shall get her for sure . She is Finnish , German and has been in Canada by me . Great CAR . Has been a slice .

  • I have a 1999 9-5 SE 5 speed in greater Cincinnati area. Been sitting in the driveway for around 10 years. Needs a clutch and a brake line replaced. What a fun car to drive when it was on the road.

  • My 2006 Saab 9-7X SUV with its Chevy vortex engine is the most satisfying vehicle I have ever owned. Now if I could only find the 390 HP Corvette powered version…

  • I bought two 9000 turbo autos for my Mum one got written off by a person hitting her head on with A Nissan pickup truck neither her nor my Dad suffered major injuries, that’s why I bought the second which was ultra reliable for them and was her last car. I miss them greatly.

  • Held on to my Saab 9-5 aero HOT for many years. Still got it. What a car! Still turning heads, because I loved it, and cared for it. The most reliable car I have ever owned. They don’t fetch Cosworth money even though they are faster, prettier, and more refined than said car.

  • I’ve had 6 SAABs over the years and finally in 2018 bought the lime gold convertible which I had dreamed of for ages and was my favourite. Now have a dark blue convertible with a blue hood. Always a lovely drive safe, strong and just loves the motorway xxx

  • It is Maud Olofsson’s fault, she did not want Sweden to support SAAB, even though all the other EU countries supported their car manufacturers, and that the EU gave countries support to give to car factories. She chose VOLVO indirectly. I am still mad and sad.

  • The Japanese company should pay Sweden royalties to use the emblem on the NEVS. It may look similar, but just not the same without the Griffin.

  • Had many different Saabs over the years. Most reliable and best built cars ever. All of mine were between 140,000 to 160,000 when sold on or exchanged for a newer model. I still see two of them occasionally while driving around. Always makes me smile.

  • I had 5, all bought brand new. Never had any issues with them other than regular maintenance and tire replacement. All five were manual transmission. I loved my Saabs, still do.
    79 99 GL ( red w/ black “C” stripe, gray interior)
    81 900 (white, blue interior)
    83 900 Turbo (white w/maroon interior)
    86 9000 Turbo (white w/ gray interior)
    88 9000 S (Red w/beige interior)
    My 86 9000 Turbo was the first with cloth seats and a sun roof in the US).

  • I had 3 Saabs when living in Belgium- a 1995 9000 sedan, then two 9-5 sedans, ending in 2007 (12years). All were 2.3 litre turbo`s. The 9000 was practical & gorgeous, but handled badly at 140 kph+, especially when loaded. Many compliments on its looks. The 9-5`s handled well. All were fast & comfortable for long haul trips, although in-town fuel consumption was high. The 9-3`s & 9-5`s one still occasionally sees on North American roads still look good. I miss them. Too bad GM ruined the mark`s future.

  • I am, what a reporter at Automotive Weeks sometime around 2002-2004 labeled as a Saabinista. As working at Saab in the summers of 1970-72 and from 1998 to Dec 2011, and with a past of 15 Saabs from the 95 2-stroke 1968 to my current 2011 9-3 TDI, I have been unfaithful only twice, inheriting my brother’s Volvo PV 544 S when the 2-stroke died, and a VW Derby when the gov. cost of taking home our 99 from Denmark in 1990 was calculated to 4 times the value of the car ;-). So, yes, I am a Saabinista :-D
    My 2011 9-3 TDI is starting to show wear and tear, so the past spring, I looked at finding a replacement, had cause to rent cars two times, and did two test drives. Volvo S60, sorry, but the 9-3 seats are still miles ahead, and the S60 was “slithering” along the road; Renault Clio good seats but small, Skoda, a jumpy drive, and a Kia, no way. But the 9-3, you steer it with one finger while its eating miles as a backdrop to my latest sound book. I fear for the final wear & tear.

  • Question: how many of the 9,5s (of the latest models) did they manage to build. I see that they are sometimes sold – i would love to have one of those, and when was the last one build.?

  • To Don Heide> I could never afford a new car but if I could have, a Saab showroom would have been the first and only place I would have visited. 🙂

  • I love how this model come up on movie like TENET as the most important car to get the “algorithm”.

  • Iki vind het rijden van de 9-3, geweldig, over het gedrag van de 9-5, ben ik verslaafd geworden , hij gaat er echt niet snel uit. Heb dit jaar veel pech gehad versnellingsbak aan zijn eind, dus vervangen voor F55 uit een diesel, gewoon altijd doen wat een heerlijkheid is dat, ook de Turbo ging er aan vervangen voor een Mitsubishi TD 04 15 inch, wat een genot , al met al een super auto geworden. heb ondertussen 320,000 km op de teller staan gaat gewoon nog langer mee. hier naast hebben wij nog een 900 23 SE Cabrio zonder Turbo om gewoon in de buurt te toeren.

  • i had 4. loved all them all.never had 1 minute of trouble. i bought them from Garden City Saab on long island

  • I loved my saab turbo back in the day .wish they would come back into production. I’d be first in line to buy one .most reliable car going .

  • Ho avuto 4 modelli di Saab e ne sono stato orgoglioso (900 ep cabrio blue/pelle beige, 9000 sedan 2.0 CD, 9.3 td, 9.5 2,3i sw) Peccato per la fine che ha fatto. L’ultima 9.5 è ancora tra le berline a scoppio più belle sul mercato.

  • For those my age:
    Volvo = Buick
    Saab = Pontiac
    (Approximations for argument only. )
    I drove Saab for 30 years. Now Volvo for 10.

  • Sure they’re great cars I had my own garage specializing in them for over a Dozen Years and built upwards of 15 models for myself mostly from shells of other cars but the only ones worth bringing back and remanufacturing are from 89 to 93 and those would be convertibles 91 up being the best including spg’s Springtime in Sweden’s but mostly the coveted 91 SE convertible yes those should all be remanufactured.

  • These kind of comments about Saab are a bit amusing. The current comment has got short of 2000 likes. To me it tells Saab is not that much missed after all. 🤔🤗

  • In Meppel ( the Netherlands) you can buy all new Saab parts, they bought all the parts after bankrupt Saab.

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