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Saab Test Pilot

Saab Performance Team

The Saab Performance Team was formed in 1987 to commemorate Saab’s 40th anniversary. After 1987, until the sale of Saab, this Performance team continually stumbled across the globe, and especially in Asia, and demonstrated a fraction of the performance that factory Saab cars can produce – factory-made cars without any adjustments and upgrades.They travelled a lot and was very popular in Asia, as you can see in this 2006 clip.

At that time, a team of 5 people were travels the world performing dispalys of extreme driving, often in their bright red Saab 9-3 Spor Sedan, but they also used all the other models from the Saab cars production.

All of team members have previously competed in rallies, but what’s unusual is that all five of them holded regular day job at Saab. So, for example, there were two engineers in the 2006 team, a quality controller, a technician, and the head of Saab photo studio (Advertising department).

Saab Test Pilot

Also interesting, the film “Saab Test Pilot” was an essential par  of the “Pilots Wanted” campaign, and advertorial was filmed on an airfield outside Stockholm. This setting was chosen to emphasise the aviation roots of the Saab brand.  The intention was also to showcase the capabilities of the Saab Performance Team and Saab cars.

Yes, this was just another working day for the Saab Performance Team!