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SAAB Support Convoy 11th Anniversary

Saab Support Convoy 11th Anniversary BrnoSaab Support Convoy 11th Anniversary Brno

Exactly eleven years ago, sometime in mid-January of that year, Saab enthusiast clubs around the world organized the so-called the International Saab Support Convoys. On that occasion, a large number of Saab car owners gathered at gatherings around the world who wanted to give support to the Swedish company Saab. This Cars parade was held in almost every country in the world, from China to Mexico, and even more per country.

The support campaign from the Netherlands was accompanied by many internet groups. On a radical side, more than five thousand have pledged not to buy any additional GM-related vehicles if Saab factory closes. A Swedish Saab fan, David Blumberg, wrote a song called “Griffin up” and Saab cut a clip for it from Saab commercials. The clip was watched by more than 125,000 people on Youtube in that time, and this song became the unofficial starter and one of the slogans for the demonstrations. All over the world, the Saab fan group started organizing events on internet forums first, and then there were gatherings of participants in a few days, in an unprecedented number until then.

The initiative was supported by domestic Saab brand centers, independent Saab service centers, and of course Saab brand clubs. Australian Saab fan Steven Wade as an official Saab blogger launched a major campaign on, a blog that now brings together Saab communities around the world, with the primary goal of putting pressure on GM through the media and the public to sell Saab, to save Saab car production.

Saab Convoy 2010, this is how it used to be ...
Saab Convoy 2010, this is how it used to be …

In memory of these days of great solidarity of the Saab community, Saab fan clubs around the world are organizing new convoys. Just a few days ago, one such convoy was organized bythe Czech Saab Club “SAAB Underground” and Adam Koolyc Bernad, called “SAAB Support Convoy 11th Anniversary“. The SAAB Support Convoy was gathered on January 30, symbolically in the parking lot of the IKEA showroom, and dozens of beautiful Saab cars were present, from the classic 900 models, over 9000, to the latest Saab 9-5ng Aero models. Although the situation was extraordinary due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the participants took all protection measures and still enjoyed gathering together and remembering the days when there was a spark of hope that Saab cars would survive.

Participants have also prepared a large photo gallery, so you can see the details of how it was at this gathering – which may start and encourage other Saab clubs around the world to make a similar memorial event.


  • We ran our own Support Convey in Finland approx. 11 years ago. I was interviewed by Finnish national TV.

    Certainly a moment to remember.

    Sadly after approx. 1.5 years the bankruptcy of Saab was declared.
    Utmostly sad indeed.

  • Yes we were many then, cold weather though!
    At that moment there was still hope for Saab….but our memories from that time are still clear and let’s keep all our Saab’s in tiptop condition!

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