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Saab 9-3 in movie "Parts for Life"

This week Isabella Ideberg from Swedish production company Rough Studios AB wrote to us, and she needs a little help from Saab fans. Namely, this studio plans to shoot a series of short films about Saab, and for Saab.

Here’s her call addressed to all honest Saab fans.

We at Rough Studios are currently producing a series of short films for client Saab. These films called “Saab stories” will focus on different Saab- profiles/ entusiast that have a special connection to Saab. It could be a Saab collector or a family traveling around the world in their old Saab car (that we filmed for the first of four film).

We are now looking for new interesting people to follow, and I cam across some articles about Richard Chenet and would really get in contact with him and hear more about him and tell him about this project.

Do you at Saab planet have any other tips of people that might be interesting to follow in one of these Saab stories? It could be everything between a family traveling in their Saab, to just an old Saab enthusiast with an interesting personality. And could be located everywhere in the would.

As you can read, if this is interesting to you and you have some of your Saab story – be sure to contact Isabella –

As an example, this is one of their video works created for Orio AB, in campaign “Parts for Life:

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