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Illustration by Annu Kilpeläinen accompanying an essay on Saab cars in the New York TimesIllustration by Annu Kilpeläinen accompanying an essay on Saab cars in the New York Times

The New York Times, in its “LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION” section, published an interesting essay by columnist and author Georgia Cloepfil, who shared her experience with Saab cars with the entire readership under the title “The Unusual Cool of Saabs“.

Georgia is not a typical Saab enthusiast who takes great care of his Saab or, say, regularly goes to gatherings of car devotees. She is the inexplicably loyal owner of his Saab, from which she cannot part, despite all the flaws of this car.

Before I owned my Saab, I believed that all cars were either functional or luxurious. There was the Toyota Camry or the Porsche, the minivan or the sports car. But a Saab, modest and Scandinavian, exists on a different axis.

Her Saab is not in the best condition, it has a lot of defects and even rust. And in contrast to Saab as a choice, you have at your disposal many other brands, various models, more expensive, more luxurious and more comfortable, but Saab is something special – something like a living being, and that’s exactly how the author describes her car.

The car has taught me a lot: not about cars in general, but about tending to its singular being. My commitment to its upkeep has raised the eyebrows of more than one person who loves me.

Thanks to the rarity of this Scandinavian brand and the smaller number of services available to owners, just like most other Saab car owners, Georgia also had to get to know her car better and occasionally do some DIY repairs on it.

In any case, we recommend this warm, genuinely honest view and experience of Saab cars, from someone who is not a crazed car fanatic. On the contrary, this is the sight of someone who enjoys the “strangeness” of Saab cars and simply cannot part with them, despite rational reasoning.

P.S. We recommend Georgia to find a slightly better Saab service in her area, because we are convinced that this will greatly improve her experience with Saab and her enjoyment, and justify her “inexplicable” dedication to Saab.

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