Saab Stereotypes – Saab Owners vs. Others

Why does nobody want to drive a Saab, or the opposite FT question “Why the Saab inspires intense feelings“? What Makes A Saab Driver Become A Saab Driver?

There are many questions, but many answers that create certain stereotypes. There are multiple things that make Saab stand-out from the pack. Given that there are such a large number of factors (some big, some small), it is tempting for us to come up with a few rather vague reasons that collectively tie all of the factors together…

We searched Reddit and the comments of “What are some stereotypes you automatically associate with a type of car?” for “Saab” and here’s what we found out about us – Saab owners and drivers (most of it is very funny):

  • Saab – Because nobody else I know drives a Saab.
  • Saab – graphic designer, sexy motherfucker, intelligentsia
  • Saab – Weird middle aged or old dude
  • Saab IS the architects car
  • Saab – made for aging ex-hippies that have money now :)
  • Saab – stylish hipster
  • Saab – One of the few cars with actual power. Driven by an older married couple who like the idea of a foreign car brand even if they don’t know that it’s a rebadged Pontiac
  • Saab/Volvo = Wealthy people, likes Saab and Volvo because they seem more unique compared to all their neighbors with other Luxury brands
  • Saab driver – Aggressive, compulsive driver
  • Saab – college professor’s car
  • Saab – “you buy a Saab and you sob,” referring to the maintenance costs
  • Old, broken-in Volvo, Saab or Diesel Mercedes: indie rocker.
  • Saab –  “when SAAB advertised that “We don’t build cars, we build SAABS” there have never been truer words spoken in any advertisement anywhere”
  • Saab – Born from Vikings.
  • Saab – different and quirky
  • Saab is for those who like something different on the road that not everyone else has and offers great fuel economy, sporty driving and a center dash key fob
  • All Saab Owners Are Left-Handed :)

And what say Top Gear :)

Saab Owners vs Others – Top Gear (BBC)

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