Saab Sonett II from 1966 is the coolest thing to drive!

Do you like a Saab Sonett? If you ask Glenn Roberts from the U.S. there is no doubt – Saab Sonett with two-stroke engine is the coolest thing to drive!

Watch the movie from Petrolicious with blue smoke and wonderfully sound of two stroke.

When Petrolicious make a film you already know in advance that it will be good. No unnecessary music loop that interferes with no real engine noise and genuine enthusiasts who can talk to the point and talk about their beloved cars.

Saab Sonett II from 1966 had manufacture in Arlöv, and the first 28 cars that were built had two-stroke engine, just like the Saab Sonett I. The following year the Saab went over to four-stroke engines, the V4.

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