Saab SID Pixel fix in just 2 minutes

SAAB 9-3 and 9-5 models all have the very common LCD display failure on the SID and the AC unit, which ends up in missing or fading pixels on the screen.

If you have the following failures on your LCD, you are probably facing the same issue:

  • Single pixels or complete lines of pixels have disappeared.
  • Climete contrul unit, SID1 or SID2 displays are difficult or impossible to read.
  • Some cases the display returns to complete working order once cluster hits high or low temperatures.

The pixel problem lies with the ribbon cable that connects the LCD display to the circuit board of the SID and the AC unit. Dead and fading LCD pixels can be restored DIY simply replacing the faulty ribbon cable.

LCD pixel failure repair kits, ribbon cable light bulb, background light lamps are now available for DIY repairs (sold on  for about 20€). The pictures above show the SID LCD display before and after the ribbon cable replacement. This LCD pixel failure is due to the ribbon cable, which can be done DIY. No soldering involved, no special tools needed, only some ordinary tools that can be found at home in every household. 

This is an uncut video that shows the Saab sid LCD display pixel repair. Great instructions manual with silver ribbon/flat cable:

And this is another video showing the process of repairing the SAAB Information Display (called the SID) using a replacement ribbon cable (from The SaabGuy Repairs):

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  • Which pin do you short with the 12V live in order to get text on the display please?

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