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Saab Session Slovakia 2018 (video)

SAAB Session Slovakia 2018

A jubilee gathering of Saab brand fans “Saab Session Slovakia 2018 ” from 5 to 10 October was held in the Slovak city of Plejsy. Once again, at this gathering, as many as 65 Saab cars and over 150 participants gathered from seven European countries (SK,CZ,PL,HU,A,CH,RO).

There were very different Saab cars, according to the organizers – the oldest car was SAAB 96 SaabSport 2T  from 1964, and the newest was SAAB 9-5 NG 2,8T AERO XWD (2011). This year the gathering lasted for 3 days and the organizers thanked all the participants. As always, the organizers have made an effort to properly conduct the event, so they sent us a great video this year too:

Absolutely fantastic video, such a great Saab meeting. And here are the tables with the award-winning owners of the Saab cars:

Awards SAAB Session Slovakia 2018

The most beautiful SAAB 1st place:
Ela Doroba & Bartek Mikosz (Krakow / PL) Saab 95 (1965)

The most beautiful SAAB 2nd place:
László Popovics (Érd / HU) Saab 900 AERO (1987)

The most beautiful SAAB 3rd place:
Marek Linda (Gdańsk / PL) Saab 900 convertible (1989)

The prettiest SAAB 900 Classic
Petr Walov (Ostrava / CZ) Saab 900 convert. AERO (1994)

The most remote participant:
Ruedi Solenthaler (Schonenberg / CH) Saab 9-3 TurboX (2008) 1215km

SAAB with the most mileage:
Ľubo Kuben (Žilina / SK) Saab 900 (1983) 472.000km

The youngest participant:
   Marian Piater (Prague / Czech Republic) 8 months

Oldest participant:
Hanka and Robert Rowiński (Warszawa / PL) Saab 99 (1969)

  Zbyněk Svoboda, David Karen (CZ)

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