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Saab Session Slovakia 2015Saab Session Slovakia 2015

A large gathering of Saab fans called SAAB SESSION SLOVAKIA 2015 was held last weekend, from October 9 to October 11 in the Slovak town Liptovský Ján.

Here’s a short set of statistics of this Saab gathering:

  • official number of registered participants: 91 cars and 212 Saab fans!
  • Saab fans from 8 countries (SK, CZ, PL, HU, A, CH, D, I)
  • the oldest car: SAAB 96 (1961)
  • the youngest car: NEW SAAB 9-5 Sportcombi (2012)


Beautiful teaser video that promoted the event:

Photo Galleries

Pjotos by Pavla Dimitrova:

Photos By Maťo Pavelek a Rudo Chodelka:

Photos by Roman Ulík:

Photos By Marián Nagy:

Photos by Zuzana and Emil  Skákaloví:

Photos by By Sabine and Roland Jerson:

Photos By Ruedi Solenthaler

Photos By Marian Piater:



  • Hi!
    Glad to see you are writing about this event. I just want to point out that some names are in wrong case (it is customary, that in English you write Slovak names in nominative case), so the proper way is:
    “By Maťo Pavelek a Rudo Chodelka”
    “By Roman Ulík”
    “By Marián Nagy”
    “By Zuzana and Emil Skákaloví” (put the woman’s name first, because we are gentlemen :D )
    “By Sabine and Roland Jerson” (not Slovak names)
    “By Ruedi Solenthaler” (sounds like German name, I do not know if it is right… Link points to album by Jonas Solenthaler)
    “By Marian Piater”
    Hope it helps.

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