Saab History

Saab Scrap Metal for the Third World

Saab-Valmet - March 1980Saab-Valmet - March 1980

In the history of Saab carsthere are many interesting facts and stories. You probably did not know that metal scrap from the production of Saab cars in the early 1980s ended in Third World countries.

Scrap sheet-metal from Saab’s Trollhattan factory is being used in Third World contries to combat diseases.

The Off-cuts from the car body shop are processed by a scrap-metal dealer and then delivered to the Swedish pharmaceutical company, Astra, who transform the metal into iron chloride using a procces of nitric acid and chloride solution.

Saab 99

The resulting ampoules, “Jectofer“, are used to boost iron deficiency in much of the population of Third World countries.

Saab’s scrap metal was chosen because the steel used in Saab cars is to the same high quality as thet required to produce this life-saving medicine.

Saab 90 production at Valmet automotive