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Saab saved the life of a drunk driver in Poland

Drunk driver in Saab

Recently in Poland Totally Drunk Saab Driver Hit A Tree, and Luckily for him, the driver was in Saab.

The incident occurred near the Polish city of Lublin. The exact circumstances of the incident are being investigated, but the most likely reason is totally drunk driver.

Totally destroyed Saab
Totally destroyed Saab

It is interesting that the driver did not drink any alcoholic beverage, he was drinking highly concentrated ethanol – “SPIRYTUS. Spirytus contains 95% alcohol by volume! It is amazing that even got in the car…

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Spirytus - the most likely cause of the accident
Spirytus – the most likely cause of the accident

Reckless Saab driver suffered only minor injuries and was taken to hospital, where tests recorded his blood alcohol content at very high level, according to a police report.

police help an injured driver
Police help an injured Saab driver
Goran Aničić
the authorGoran Aničić
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  • It’s really sad.
    I’m from Poland and i’v Saab 900ng.
    I think this drunk idiot should inpact in this tree in some other car like Audi, VW Passat or BMW. There will be one pieace of sh** less on this mad world…

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