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Saab Saved a Reckless Driver

Crashed Saab 9-3 after accident

Yesterday, the South Yorkshire Police published information about a traffic accident involving two vehicles. These are the photos of why the A616 has been shut near to Stocksbridge/Fox Valley yesterday morning. One of the vehicles involved in a traffic accident was the Saab 9-3, whose steering wheel was a totally irresponsible driver.

Whilst both drivers have received injuries, fortunately nothing too serious

However, the driver of the Saab 9-3 is missing two vital, legal documents that all vehicles being driven on the road require. Any guesses??? First is an MOT (an annual test of vehicle safety in UK), and The more important one?  He is also being investigated for drink/drug driving as well.

Looking at pics it’s a miracle their wasn’t any fatalities! Look closely at the damage to the turret and frame. Must have been a massive hit on the front right side with a huge closing speed. Even despite his lack of intellect, he walked away from it. One safe car the engineers (SAAB) can be very happy with. Still very safe by today’s standards and exceeds most cars on the road.

So, no MOT, no tax, that means no insurance… And drinking. What’s wrong with people, Words fail us at times…

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