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Tri-lobed schist bowl in Cairo MuseumTri-lobed schist bowl in Cairo Museum

This story is not pretentious, but with very interesting coincidences :)

Allegedly, this strange object – artifact has disturbed and continues disturbing all the Egyptologists that have had occasion to study it at great length.  Brian Walter Emery, one of the most important Egyptologists of 20th Century, made a strange discovery one day 1936 in Sabu mastaba “the infamous tri lobed “schrist” bowl – further evidence of highly advanced technology”(?!).

artefact from the Egyptian Museum of the Cairo
artifact from the Egyptian Museum of the Cairo

This ancient tri-lobed bowl – its shape reminiscent of Saab’s Three-Spoke wheels :) In fact, this schist wheel appeared in Tomb of Prince Sabu, along with other strange copper objects, practically the only metal that the Egyptians then knew.

Classic Saab Tri-spoke wheels
Classic Saab Tri-spoke wheels

This object is approximately 61 centimeters in diameter, and 10.6 centimeters in height in the center. It is made of schist, a very fragile and delicate rock, which requires very laborious carving. Its form resembles that of a plate or a concave steering wheel of a car, with a series of three cuts or curved “shovels” that resemble the helix of a boat, and in the center, an orifice with a rim that acts as the outside receiver of some axis of a wheel or some other unknown mechanism, arranged to turn.

Schist Bowl
Schist Bowl

The doubt that has been plaguing us is wondering how the ancient Egyptians could design so delicate and complex a structural object more than 5,000 years ago.

Of course, very interesting coincidences, and… if nothing else, a very entertaining :)

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