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Saab Rescue Data Sheets

Saab Rescue Data Sheets

As you probably already know, Saab cars are very reliable and safe, thanks to the active and passive protection systems designed by inventive Saab engineers. When we get into a situation where an accident is imminent, then we rely on safety systems built into Saab cars.

After a serious accident, every second counts. The modern safety technologies offer more and more safety, but sometimes make the work of the rescue workers more difficult to free the occupants from a vehicle.

What To Do After A Car Accident

But what about after an accident? Especially those of the heaviest traffic accidents when the cabin is deformed by the enormous forces received that act at the moment of impact. There are front and back crumple zones that are intentionally deformed, while the cabin is reinforced with special steel alloys to protect occupants.

It is these reinforced parts of the cabin made of special types of steel that can be a problem for rescuers who come to the scene of a traffic accident. It is then necessary for rescuers to be very familiar with their job and have special tools and equipment for stretching and cutting steel.

Also in these situations, it would make a lot of sense for rescuers to have data information about positions on the car structure that can be easily cut to relieve passengers from the cabin as quickly and safely as possible.

Fortunately, this information exists for every brand and car model. Basically, rescuers have access to this type of information, but it wouldn’t be too bad for us to help them.

Document example - Saab 9-3 Sportcomb Rescue Information
Document example – Saab 9-3 Sportcomb Rescue Information

Emergency cards for all Saab models

these documents are called Emergency cards or Rescue data sheets. You can find these documents in many places on the Internet for free download, and we will present here a few download sites. These rescue data sheets are used for the exclusive orientation of appropriately trained rescue workers as part of technical assistance on Saab vehicles after traffic accidents.

The rescue data sheets refer exclusively to the technology of vehicles that are intended for sale in a particular market, because there are some minor but sometimes significant differences in the construction of vehicles intended for different markets, even if they are of the same model and stack of the brand. The rescue data sheets are therefore not applicable for such vehicles for safety reasons.

A standardized Rescue data informations

Vehicle users can find detailed information on how their vehicle works in the vehicle’s operating instructions. Rescue workers have to disassemble the body so that injured can be freed from their vehicle in a traffic accident. That is why they offer the Saab rescue cards for more traffic safety for free download.

A standardized data sheet for all current vehicles will make life easier for the rescue workers in the future. It shows where, for example, restraint systems such as airbags or the battery are located or where the car can be cut open to recover the injured. This is particularly important for newer vehicles, as they are so well secured by harder steel that special tools are required.

Fold the sheet and place it behind the driver's side sun visor
Fold the sheet and place it behind the driver’s side sun visor

Print the Rescue data sheet and place it under the driver’s sun visor!

International car clubs and insurance companies that mainly provide these data sheets, advises every vehicle owner to have a suitable rescue card ready in case of an emergency in the car and it is best to keep it behind the driver’s sun visor. This is a standard location where rescuers (if they don’t have one) will look for the Rescue Data sheet in the event of an accident and the need for the injured to be extracted differently from the vehicle.

Saab Rescue Data Sheets for Download

For your current download, some car clubs have made the Saab rescue cards available by drive motors, model series, type designation and year of construction. It is recommended that you print these documents in color. Because rescue workers work with color codes to be able to understand the document better and easier.

Below are a few locations where you can download these documents for free and print them out (preferably in color):

All manufacturers now offer the standardized emergency cards for download that are required by ADAC  or similar car clubs. The manufacturers are responsible for their content and presentation. The rescue card may be subject to updates. It must then be replaced.