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Saab rallycross crash – Anders Nordstedt

Flickr member PSParrot took this picture (Taken circa 1986), when he had a `press pass` at Brands Hatch, which means he was in a good position to take pictures.

Image by PSParrot

Here’s what he says about this amazing picture:

However that day was very cold and there was not a lot of light.I did not have an expensive F2.8 lens at that time , so I had to set the camera speed to 800 asa – which is easy now with digital but then with film it had to be specially processed.
Anyway , I thought I had got a good sequence of pictures – they were at a fairly low shutter speed – but of course I could not see if they were good ..
But I noticed that the guy from Autosport magazine ( Jeff Bloxham ) , could not have got these pictures – so I asked him if he wanted my photos. He said yes ( not particuarly interested ! ) and I gave him the film ( maybe I would never see it again !! )
But they used a picture – not this one , a not so good one actually , it was very small with the race report , and my processed film came back to me with a cheque for £25 !!

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