Saab PhoeniX – concept of future

Saab PhoeniX concept car announced for Geneva represents everything that will honor the next generation of Saab as an independent company in the future.

The concept is based on a new architecture, “aeromotional” design, which will be built new Saab 9-3, which will visually emphasize the aerodynamic and aviation heritage of the company, starting from the first Saab Saab models Ursaab.

saab2q Saab PhoeniX   koncept iz budućnosti

phoenixswug Saab PhoeniX   koncept iz budućnosti

Visual DNA Saab moves a few steps forward, the position of the new “aeromotional”-ing design, a reinforced power of emotion and fluidity. Design PhoeniX concept is completely authentic in comparison to other manufacturers and will set a clear distinction between the Saab models in future vehicles and other brands.

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