Saab Performance Team: Glory Days on Videos

Many of you know Saab’s Performance Team, a group of drivers that can rival jet figher pilots while using Saab cars instead of planes. The adjacent video brings us a Saab Performance Team show back from 1987.

We’re inviting you to watch every second of those video clips. This is not just car dynamics, it’s also syncronized with a s suite, with the effect being a spectacular one.


Relax, enjoy the music and the… car abuse.

1987 Saab Performance Team

Great performance from 2007

Saab Performance Team September 08

Saab Performance Team in México

Saab Performance Team in China

Saab Performance Team in Moscow, Russia

Saab Performance Team: Tricks, Tire Smoke & Interview for IGotShotgun

The amazing Saab Performance Driving team gives IGotShotgun an exclusive interview and shows off its spins, tricks and turns. Watch them show off the 180s, 360s and burnouts like no other video online.

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