SAAB Parts For Life – Serve your car, save endangered animals

Saab Parts for life

Orio AB are launching a new campaign with the purpose of saving and helping endangered animals, together with Nordens Ark. Orio AB are creating a campaign to educate about the importance of conversation, preservation and diversity.

Simply because the brand ceases to exist, doesn’t mean its journey is over.  It still has a role to play, and so does the caretakers and champions of the Saab legacy.

Saabs on the road today, are more important than ever.

They are an endangered species. Making them precious, unique and a rare part of automobile history. Parts for Life have teamed up with others that are on the same journey – the endangered animals.

Not only of cars but of all things we have on this planet to share. 70 years in the automobile industry and an iconic lineup of cars. Check out the campaign and read more at

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  • I’m excited about keeping the Saab brand alive I own a Saab 95, and provided I have access to parts etc, I aim to keep my wee beastie alive and running for the next 20 plus years

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