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Here is an interesting story from the Saab web forum that we believe you will like. Bruce Getts had an interesting experience on the road that he wanted to share with the Saab community, and the story speaks of the importance of mutual help and solidarity, and of course – Saab cars are also involved in the (Saab) story.

Saab Owners Looking Out For Saab Owners

Story by Bruce Getts

So im driving on interstate 80 today, heading home. And I see an 06′ Saab 9³ Arc pulled onto the shoulder with its hazards flashing. There was nobody in the car and i thought well atleast they got picked up. Bout a mile and a half later I see this kid walking on the shoulder, hands in his pockets head down, just looking defeated.

I know that feeling and look all to well…

So i quickly pulled onto the shoulder and waived at him to hurry up. He came to the pass. Window and I asked if that was his saab broken down (I obviously already knew that answer) told the kid to hop in and ill take him to the next town over for help. I tell him how I had an 06′ 9³ aero since 2014 with a decent amount of mods done and that I just sold it with only 86k miles just a couple of weeks ago.

He asked, soo what kinda saab is this that I’m driving??? I explained to him what the saab 92x aero was all about. He said he always loved subaru’s and told me, “Dam.. you literally have the best of both worlds man”. He said this has some balls to it and sounded awesome, even more so when I actually got on the gas and he heard a lil fire ball POWWW come out the exhaust while hitting second gear. He mentioned that it runs incredibly smooth for 120k.. but I told em’ how I just rebuilt it all last year, from front to back.. yada yada yada
He goes on to tell me what happened with his arc. He said he lost power for a few miles and the CEL came on for oil pressure low… Being a mechanic I kinda assumed he possibly had a oil pressure feed line leak since he said it was smoking. I gave it to him straight and told him he probably did some kinda internal damage by driving it for XXX amount of miles that way. I never asked if it just shut off or not but I got him to the gas station in Clark Summit, PA. I shook his hand and wished him the best of luck with wha ever happens to it.

He said he’s forever grateful that i took the time to go out of my way to help a complete stranger,…….. I told him that sheer kindness goes a long way with people. Especially for those that are in need of it.

Told him next time he should “pay it forward” meaning, if he ever see’s someone stranded like he was to just help em’ out. Random acts of kindness seem to be a forgotten thing now-a-days. And with the world in such a fucked up state, its truly needed more than ever.

Real shame that the thing only has 90k miles on it and it was a very clean 9³ arc for a cheap 2 grand buy.


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