Saab Nevs 9-3 Turbo edition at Saab Car Museum Festival 2017

SAAB NEVS 9-3 Turbo edition (Photo: Albin Edin)SAAB NEVS 9-3 Turbo edition (Photo: Albin Edin)

The Saab Car Museum Festival 2017 was launched yesterday and continues until tomorrow (Sunday). The big day for the public is Saturday,  and in front of the museum has gathered a large number of Saab enthusiasts from around the world.

One of the visitors came all the way from Canada – One of the longer-traveled guests during the festival is Mark Marcon from Toronto. “I’m a proud Saab owner and not ready to abandon the ship yet. I have two Saab 9-3 and it’s no problem keeping them in top condition, “said Mark fot swedish Ttela , who visited the festival several times before.

Saab Car Museum festival 2017

Today’s probably most extreme Saab belongs to P-A Johansson, as Saabplanet wrote about a couple of years ago. His Saab 9-3 TXR is a special building in addition to the usual, and power of this car now exceeds 1,000 horsepower. “I have not used it for a couple of years because of time and energy, but yesterday we dusted it and started it,” says P-A. In addition, he brought the new project, called Black Turbo, and built by P-A and his friends during the winter.

P-A Johansson Saab 9-3 Black Turbo
P-A Johansson Saab 9-3 Black Turbo

NEVS Saab 9-3 Turbo Edition

Saab Car Museum has received a gift from Nevs and this gift was unveiled during the festival. It is about a Saab 9-3 that was intended to pay attention to the 40th anniversary of the Saab turbo. This car – which has several retro features – never came into production but has attracted a lot of interest during the festival.

Nevs turbo edition to celebrate 40 years of the saab turbo. They started on it in 2014 but it was shelved until recently. It’s a gift to the Saab Car museum, it’s the concept car of what would be, the turbo-model. They were originally planning on selling 1000 of them back in 2014/2015 when they still the rights to brand so it could have worked.

A one off special edition gift for the Saab Museum in Trollhattan.

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A 360 of the area outside the museum. Good times!

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Price ceremony at the 2017 SAAB Festival in Trollhättan:


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