Saab Nespresso Lifestyle Concept car

Industrial design student Eric Leong, who we first heard about with the 2015 Toyota Prius study, has taken two famous brands, Sweden’s Saab and Switzerland’s Nestlé and melded them.

Saab Nespresso was born when Eric Leong, the designer, trying to develop a vehicle based on non automotive brand and use their success as inspiration. Through careful research and product placement, Eric chose Nespresso as his inspiration.


Nespresso is a brilliant lifestyle product that brings coffee shop lifestyle into our home; we can enjoy a cup of fantastic espresso without having to go to a coffee shop. This car concept features the original Saab body style and blends with the style of a coupe and pick-up. It’s been designed with 2 small rear doors and a loading area.

At the back of this vehicle, you can find dual storage compartment to support your lifestyle, while the top deck panels can be used as lounging area. The roof of this car is covered with solar panels that can be used to power your house when the car is parked.





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