Saab Minivan? Why Not

Saab 9000 MPV as the first attempt for Saab to create a Minivan (or MPV – multi-purpose vehicles) vehicle.

The introduction of the Chrysler minivans in 1984 revolutionized the family-car market in the U.S. They soon displaced station wagons and became the car of choice for traveling “baby-boomers“.

Unfortunately, after the experimental attempts with the Saab 9000 MPV, the company  not spread spectrum offer to this category. But, some designers have given their vision of Saab Minivan, for example, Theophilus Chin with its attempt. Original image was a Saab 9-3, and He chopped it into an pretty cute  Saab 9-3 MPV:

Saab 9-3 Minivan with Saab Rotors Wheels

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