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Saab Meeting Portugal 2015

Saab Meeting Portugal 2015Saab Meeting Portugal 2015

On 13 September, Saab Club Portugal has gathered some examples of our Saab brand by creating an event titled SAAB MEETING PORTUGAL 2015.

This event promoted a visit to No. 1 Sintra Air Base (a unique opportunity to enter an airbase with authorization to shoot their Saab next to beautiful airplanes of the Air Force) and a lunch in the historic farmhouse Ribafria .



Thanks to Luís Marcos for this report and pictures of this memorable Saab event, and this proves that the Saab brand still active lives and has fans all over the world.



On 13 September, the Saab Cars Portugal Club (SCPC) – Automobile Association organized the first SAAB MEETING PORTUGAL 2015, which was hosted by the Portuguese Air Base No 1. At 9:30 am at the main entrance met magnificent examples of the brand SAAB, the Swedish car brand worldwide reputation and we can not forget its association with civil and military aviation. SAAB, was founded in 1927, before the Second World War, had its roots in aviation and the provision of aircraft to guarantee the defense of Sweden. Being the Aviation and Defense one of its greatest bastions, the company diversified, manufacturing with Saab-Scania branding, trucks and cars.

Unfortunately, due to economic factors which have surfaced in recent years, Saab-Scania, car consortium, did not escape unscathed, with the automotive business the most affected. Saab Cars Portugal Club (SCPC) keep alive this passion for the brand, maintaining and disseminating the same, so much innovation has brought to the automotive world.

In Portugal, the pinnacle of aviation and excellence lives in the Portuguese Air Force and was on behalf of that link the roots of the brand that always drove that drove a request to visit the Air Base No. 1, which was accepted as well as the authorization to take pictures to ours beautiful saabs alongside other beautiful specimens aircraft. It was a unique and very rewarding experience both for the organization of the event an for all participants, associates, family and friends, visit the Air Base No1, located near the Serra de Sintra, whose origins date back to 1914. After this memorable visit was followed by the lunch gathering in the historic Ribafria Farm, owned by the Municipality of Sintra, located in Sintra.

Thus, it was the first SAAB 2015 MEETING PORTUGAL!

A Big Thank you to all participants and special thanks to Mr. Coronel Rui José Freitas Commander Air Base No. 1 and the Mr. Dr. Basilio Horta, President of the Municipality of Sintra.














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