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Saab Meeting Höör 2018

Saab meeting Hoor 2018

From the moment the original Saab 92 hit the streets in 1949, it attracted a particular type of enthusiast. It was cute,, it was quirky, it was fun and, above all, it was special. A festival weekend characterized by driving fun and individual style – Saab Meeting Höör 2018 – was held last weekend in Sweden.

According to the video report by Markus Olsson, which you can see below, Somewhere between 250-300 Saab cars attended this year. Thousands from enthusiasts from around the country got together to showcase their beautiful SAABs. Plenty of Saab parts vendors were also present displaying their latest aftermarket parts, from wheels to carbon fiber accessories and power kits.

It was an exciting day, filled with some of the very best SAABs ever made on display, custom-modded SAABs and some fun racing. From the SAAB meeting this weekend in Sweden:

All in all, Saab Meeting Höör is a cool place to be if you’re a SAAB enthusiast. Also, look at the last year of this same gathering of Saab fans (2016).

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