Saab made ​​a strategic partnership with HawTai Motor Group

After a couple of days ago Saab owner Spyker secured short-term loan from Gemini Investment Fund , yesterday Saab announced the news of the entry of Chinese HawTai Motor Group with 150 million as a strategic partner in the management of Saab.

Spyker and Saab Automobile AB signed an agreement with HawTai Motor Group Company Limited. This Agreement obvaezuju Chinese to invest 150 million euros into a strategic partnership . HawTai will invest 120 million euros to 29.9 per cent stake in Spyker , and another 30 million loan . Establish a joint venture company in China, which will be responsible for the development , production and distribution .

– This partnership will help us to continue to execute the business plan , on the other hand will allow Saab to enter the Chinese market and the emergence of strong technology partnerships with Chinese manufacturers – said Victor Muller , head of Spyker and Saab.

HawTai is a private company established in 2000. , With headquarters in Beijing, and has two factories in Ordos and Rongcheng . Annual HawTai produced 350,000 vehicles , 300,000 of diesel engines and 450,000 automatic transmissions . They plan by 2015. Was to expand production to one million cars, a million engines and transmissions million annually .

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