Saab Launches Stealth Fast Attack Craft In Indonesia For Global Market

Saab in partnership with Indonesia’s ship building company “PT Lundin” creates a turnkey high-speed multi-role missile ship that can dominate the littorals while still being affordable to procure and operate.

Result of a collaborative joint venture between Saab and its Indonesian partner PT Lundin, Stealth Fast Attack Craft (FAC) is a high-speed multi-role missile ship that combines innovative hull design and construction with Saab’s renowned 9LV Combat Management System and Fire Control System technology.

fac saab

Ideal for the littorals and “brown water” operations, the ship is 63 meters long with a draft of only 1.2 meters. The low weight due to composite construction makes it cruise leisurely even in rough sea conditions. The stability and the high mounted sensor suite gives this FAC a sensor range comparable to a frigate, making this vessel ideal to detect and counteract smuggling, piracy and terrorist threats. The vessel also comes with an 11m long, high-speed rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) that can be used for Special Forces operations.


The Saab combat system solution comprises of  the 9LV CMS & FCS, the brand new Sea Giraffe 1X surveillance radar,  the long range Anti-Ship Missile RBS15 Mk3, the Radar ESM (SME 150), the Ceros 200 fire control director and the Bofors 40Mk4 Naval Gun with full CIWS capability through its 3P Programmable Ammunition.

“The solution is the outcome of a partnership agreement between Indonesia and Saab. The partnership will allow for extensive technology transfer and industrial cooperation. When it comes to stealthy littoral combat ships, Sweden and Saab has more than 25 years of experience in designing, building and operating composite stealth ships. Stealth FAC, the newest Saab offering, possesses combat capabilities similar to the tried and testedVisby Class Corvette that is currently in operation with the Swedish Navy.” says Dan Enstedt, President & CEO, Saab Asia Pacific.

The Stealth FAC is designed to optimize life cycle cost. Support and service will be offered locally throughout its entire lifetime. The Stealth FAC is uniquely affordable to procure and operate.