Saab Junkyard: How to Find Cheap Parts for Classic Saab Cars

Classic Saab cars

Mobilists-Mobilistit Ry Rf Mobilisterna is The association that was created in 2016 to bring together a group of enthousiasts who wanted to create a global way for people to communicate and exchange ideas, knowledge and help each other to find pieces for their vehicles in order to keep them on the road.

Also, one member of this association Lasse Wigren created a Saab wing in their association. This is important for all who has old Saabs. he buys Saabs weekly, and only this week he bought three new cars. Many are restauration objects some nice cars and real importen donor cars.

Still, In this project he need many Saab lovers help. How? Join then! Be a member off worldwide association for car/Saab saving – Saab Wing. Membership is 30 euros a year.

Here’s what he informed today:

Now is the day we have so many Saabs that one reason for collectin all these is to be able to help our Saab family in most ways. We have parts and cars. Donator cars. These are not ment to rust away . They will go to use. For Saab 99-90-900 we have many thousend off doors. Some are quit good but not perfect. These will be taken under restauration and made as new. Only question is how much can the price on a restaureted door be. This needs working on. They must be in a price zone that is not to high.

The work will be made in Estonia the country that has been my home for ower 20 years. Estonia is perfect alls for shipping/sending tese to customers. Cheeper in all ways.

Allso now we start cutting parts from solid cars,like the 90 grey on pics. No rust car with nice front wings and the whole back part. Then you can fix a Saab much cheeper and te result is perfect.
I planed this a long time but to do it the “carpark” has to be big. it´s big now and groves.
Innerroof restoring will start. All needed is on place. These are a usuall problem on Saabs. Hanging roofs.Here some pics shows what all is about.
And remeber need something ask true mail: [email protected]

So, if you have an old Saab car, or you need some part, contact Mr. Lasse for details.

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  • love the site I have had 5 saabs at one time I kept my baby 2000 9-5 wagon but recently I was wiped out in a family estate , then the most crazy thing happened lost the key fob , which is separate from key , and the car does not know me , this unit is practically new mechanically , so whats my best route , I am cashed out forever but would love to get her started , of course new twice unit ,, what about a matched set from a junk car any other ideas thanks GO SAAB , I hope so

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