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A SAAB Brand Still Alive in Italy

The base of fans and owners of the Saab brand in Italy is still large and strong.The base of fans and owners of the Saab brand in Italy is still large and strong.

All of us who follow the Saab brand, who are proud owners of Swedish four-wheelers, know that Years have passed since the end of production. And everything would suggest that the Swedish company is doomed to oblivion. In Italy, however (as in many other countries around the world), there is still a world of fans and clubs that keep this original and innovative brand alive.

The technical legacy that the Swedish company, which has always been linked to its aeronautical division, has given to the owners of its cars and, today, to collectors is still tangible. One above all, the turbo engine, launched in 1978, over thirty years before this solution was adopted on a large scale by other manufacturers on gasoline cars.

It is this brand phenomenon that the journalist of the Italian car magazine “Quattro ruote” dealt with in his article “Un marchio ancora vivo“.

In Italy, what speaks of Saab also passes through the clubs of the brand. They are few but good, with well-trained partners on the history and on the many versions of the most important models. An Italian journalist met with two of them, very different in their basic spirit and habits. It was this article that talked about Saab clubs in Italy and the members of these Saab fan clubs.

But there is also another voice of what the Saab world was in this country: that of those who lived as a communication operator for the Swedish brand most of the events that led to the closure of the “Saab House”. An original testimony that tells us how the facts went.

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