Saab is only as good as its service and supply parts

Saab serviceSaab service

Thanks to the Orio company(but of course other suppliers), the owners of Saab cars around the world have no need to worry about it

Did you know that they’re active on 10 markets globally and that they’ve got 40 importers handling the rest of the world? In total they’re working with approximately 1,300 Saab workshops all over the world.

Orio Logistics center in Nyköping
Orio Logistics center in Nyköping

Orio logistics center in Nyköping has a storage space of approximately 88 000 m2. The capacity is more than 30,000 order lines each day and they also manage daily deliveries to and from more than 60 countries.


  • I’m reading about parts issues for the NG9-5. For example, there is currently an article on Saabs United (about the faulty LED “light bar” where a commenter mentions that the third brake is currently out of stock. I had an issue with the radiator hoses being out of stock. I’d really like to see an official statement from ORIO pledging their support to keep the NG9-5 on the road for many years to come! To accomplish this we need ORIO to have a healthy supply of ALL parts available in the distribution pipeline…worldwide.

  • so happy that parts will be available from factory.
    All saab lovers wl b so happy.
    in thailand who wl take care of.,

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