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Saab is Dead, Long Live Saab!

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Swiss TV channel Alpha presented the interesting TV report about Saab cars and Saab fans,  entitled “SAAB est morte, vive SAAB” or in english – “Saab is dead, long live Saab!“.

Here’s what they wrote in the announcement of this show: “Born just after the Second World War, the SAAB brand no longer exists after its bankruptcy. But there are still a few enthusiasts of this car, like Dimitri Baumgartner, who presented this story this weekend, at the Interregional Center for Improvement of Tramelan, during the traditional gathering of lovers of car models. The first SAAB car was created by aeronautics specialists, who, according to legend, did not even have their driver’s licenses. The first SAAB model was marketed in 1949…”

So they announced this TV report, but see below for a vide report that is in French language (click on CC in Youtube for subtitles in your language):

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