Saab IQon – Google Android based infotainment systems in Saab Automobile

IQon - Google Android based infotainment system in Saab AutomobileIQon - Google Android based infotainment system in Saab Automobile

The company Saab Automobile visionary promote integrated entertainment and information of automotive systems ( infotainment ) entering into partnerships with Google, creating new IQon infotainment concept .

As owners of Saab cars with new IQon system in the vehicle will be able to take over the Internet directly from a wide range of applications, and access online services and multimedia that will be available through Saab IQon store .


Saab will introduce all third- party software companies to develop Android applications with APIs vehicles (application programming interface) , allowing them access to more than 500 signals from a variety of different sensors embedded in Saab cars. Based on this, developers will be able to include in their applications, ” draw ” information about the vehicle’s speed , location, direction of movement , load, corner turning the steering wheel , motor parameters , then the outer and inner temperatiru , pressure , and even the position of the sun relative to the current position of the vehicle.

“With Saab IQon system , there will be no limit to the potential of innovation , ” said Johan Formgren , Head of Aftersales and commercial project managing IQon . ” We invite the global Android developer community to use our API and fully exploit the enormous potential for innovation of information systems in vehicles. ”

The company Saab has also launched the first “open” development strategy – open innovation – which rights in the automotive industry suggests an open approach to developing Infotainment system as a much faster and more flexible option aletrnativu conventional closed in-house development of automotive infotainment services.

“Customers today want to be connected inside the vehicle more than ever and they want comfort as well as when they are out of the vehicle,” adds Formgren. “IQon system will provide them easy and reliable connection with their smart phones and tablet computers, adding the new connection quality of the new software in the service.”
IQon system includes an integrated computer platform in the car with a modem which automatically connects to the Internet when you start the vehicle. The touch screen diagonal of 8 inches allows access to all the services and controls the vehicle, the audio system and media streaming, online navigation through to managing hard disks.

IQon also provides a platform for remote communication to the vehicle and from the vehicle to the dealer or Saab service, so that the system can be in the service center sends all the telemetry data recorded while driving, in order to move’ll run diagnostics and even removed the possible faults and without out of service.

IQon system is shown today for the first time in the world in the Saab PhoeniX concept at Geneva Motor Show. Beta version IQon system is already in use and testing for corporate users across the test fleet vehicles.