Saab Inspired Furniture

Saab 900 Couch

Most people think of cars simply as modes of transportation, but some decided to turn their Saabs into amazing pieces of unique furniture and home decor.

Just remember Saab 9000 armchairs.


Saab 9000 chairs

After you check out these Saab creations, you’ll never look at an good old Saab the same way again.

Saab flowerbeds

Cars as flowerbeds. Another use for a car that we had never considered before now. What a great way to prettify that rusty old banger in your field, and also of increasing the residual value of a nearly new Saab:

Saab Flowerbeds

Saab 9000 Soffa

It looks like a Saab 9000 Backend, but it’ll easily fit in your living room and it won’t break down. Hopefully. And that is nor all. This couch you can buy – price ~$710,

Saab 900 Couch

Saab Bedrom

saab bedroom

Saab Scania Truck in Living Room

The owner of this extravagant fireplace clearly appreciates the in-your-face aesthetics of a SAAB-Scania truck in his/her lounge.

Saab Scania Fireplace

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