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Saab Mavic Fleet Saab 9-3 Aero SportCombiSaab Mavic Fleet Saab 9-3 Aero SportCombi

Saab brand and cycling have always been closely linked. Just remember these SAAB folding bicycles, or special version of Saab 9-5 called Saab 9-5 Gary Fisher Edition.

In addition, it seems that the year 2008 was especially concentrated only on cycling – that year Saab Automobile was sponsor of the Mavic cycling team who are participating in the 2008 Tour De France. MAVIC, like SAAB, is a company with a long and illustrious history in its field. Mavic began in late 19th-century France manufacturing spare parts for bicycles.
MavicWhen Mavic USA was looking for a fleet of support vehicles, Saab’s automotive expertise came into play–and, 2008 Saab becomes the official neutral support car of Mavic USA.  

But why Saab?

Firstly, and most critically, the fleet had be reliable in the extreme-the consequences of a recovery vehicle breaking down in inhospitable terrain don’t bear thinking about. The fleet of Saab 9-3 SportCombi vehicles offered customary Saab reliability, as well as outstanding comfort and intuitive cockpit controls – all essential components when support drivers will be behind the wheel for at least 5 hours a day, for tours lasting up to eight days. Mavic Saab

In addition to interior comfort and extreme reliability, the driving experience must be responsive and smooth, as many races cover mountainous terrain featuring plenty of tight hairpin bends. Saab once again ticked all the right boxes, with the sporty, precise handling of the SportCombi proving ideal.


Bear Mountain Spring 2009 093

Mavic Support Team, Tour of California


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