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Saab Has Always Been a Car For “Eccentrics”

Tomas Tomasson and his favorite Saab 9-5ng

Just like Mark Rutte – the prime minister of the Netherlands, another parliamentarian is not giving up on Saab cars. Tómas Tómasson is one of the new members of parliament of the small island state of Iceland, and his choice is Saab. He says that Saab has always been a car for “eccentrics”, and with this statement, in a way, he includes himself in that group of “eccentrics” who push their story at any cost and do not give up on their favorite brand.

Member of Parliament Tómas Tómasson drives a rare Saab car. The car attracts attention on the city streets and is, according to the owner, a vehicle for eccentrics. Many Icelanders owned Saab cars in previous years. Today, production has been stopped, but a new member of parliament is still driving such a car. There are three such cars (Saab 9-5ng Aero) in the country and Tommi owns two of them.

Thomas' "eccentric" and unusual Saab also interested the local media
Thomas’ “eccentric” and unusual Saab also interested the local media

His Saab 9-5ng is a 2011 model, but according to Tommi, it is on a par with the brand new Benz. “I have had many nice and beautiful cars all my life, but these top everything. The Saab has always been a car for “eccentrics”. Everyone agrees that Saab is good, but not everyone is ready to own a Saab. They think it’s a bit rustic, but still cool. This car is a bit like Volvo, but this one is better than Volvo, “says Tómas Tómasson, Member of Parliament.

When asked by reporters if he considers himself eccentric, Tómas answers that he is. “I am very eccentric. When I was younger I was considered weird, but today I am considered an eccentric but I have not changed anything, “says Tommi.

Since he currently owns two Saab cars, and before that many other models, he believes that this 9-5ng is the best Saab ever produced: “Yes, this car is four-wheel drive, it has a sunroof.This car has everything I need…”

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