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Ice Scraping Was Never So Luxurious

Saab Ice Scraper Funk-Is To Reduce CO2

In the Northern part of the Earth’s hemisphere winter is slowly departing, nature is awakening and spring is feeling in the air. Frost and frozen dew can delay people in the morning if it covers their (Saab) car, when they go to work and morning commitments, so the daily commute takes that little bit longer.

To quickly remove ice from the windshield and to keep the ice from slowing down in the morning, it’s a good idea to have a chemical De-icer or ice scraper nearby. Of course, this morning’s activity is not so fun, but it is much needed for traffic safety, as it is very important that you get a good look from the Saab cockpit. But just because it’s a chore, doesn’t mean it can’t also be swathed in simple Swedish luxury.

How to Remove Frost from Saab Windows

If you need to defrost the windshield, you have two options, either to wait for the engine to warm up and then warm air blow into the cabin, or to remove the ice from the windshield immediately before starting the engine with an ice-scraper. In the first case, because of Letting your car idle, your Saab will consume slightly more fuel and of course – inevitably – emit more CO2 into the atomosphere.

In 2008, the marketing sector of Saab cars came up with an interesting ecological idea that they were promoting under the slogan “Ice Scraper To Reduce CO2“. At that time Saab was looking to make ice scraping easier with the introduction of the Funk-Is gadget. That was “the most luxurious, functional and coolest ice scraper in the world”.

Saab Funk-Is Ice Scraper, remove ice from the windshield in style
Saab Funk-Is Ice Scraper, remove ice from the windshield in style

Funk-Is gadget – the most luxurious ice scraper 

This most luxurious ice scraper was composed of a thicker piece of plexiglass that was cut at an angle and sharpened to scrape ice on one side, and on the other where it was held – the grip was lined with wool and attached with leather.

In this way, the designers created an ergonomically shaped functional gadget, which had a purpose but also a beautiful form. It was quite simply the ultimate in funky design, fur-lined ice-scraper that was super cool and super functional.

Here’s how they promoted this product at Saab: ”We estimate that, on average, drivers spend 4 minutes clearing ice from their windshields sometimes morning and evening during the winter months. A proportion of these people run their engine in order to use the heater to melt the ice – this adds unnecessary CO2 to the atmosphere which is not environmentally sound. With this in mind, we commissioned the type of ice scraper we would want to use.

Saab Funk-Is ice scraper

The ‘Saab Funk-Is ice scraper‘ was really interesting and useful, but its only drawback was its pretty high price. At the time, this funky ice scraper was priced at $40- $80, which is quite high, but is priced similar to the Saab product known as the Smart Slot Ice scraper for Saab 9-3. This ice-scraper was designed for integrated mounting in the Smart Slot storage system, in Saab 9-3 cockpit, so always was at hand when you need it.

Saab 9-3 Smart Slot Ice Scraper
Saab 9-3 Smart Slot Ice Scraper 9-3

The cost of both was (non)reasonably high, but they were still designer, funky items, so they were the perfect gift for all “Saabophile” despite the high price tag.