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Saab Flew in Front of Police Officer

Saab 9-3 Speed

This unfortunate event happened two days ago in Sweden. Irresponsible driver was on a two lane state highway in Sweden that had some nice long stretches that you could really “fly” down.

Right there was a Police Officer who controlled the speed of the cars.  Driveway was wet with melted snow and very slippery. A policeman with a handhed radar noticed the Saab 9-3 Sportsedan coming at a high speed – the device recorded incredible speed for these poor drive conditions – 137 kilometers per hour (85mph)!

The policeman tried to stop the frenzied Saab, He stepped out on a roadway waved his light stick, nd the car driver started braking. But, but the car slid and the car spun several times in the direction of vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Fortunately, all the participants in this incident remained unharmed with minor material damage. After stopping the vehicle, it turned out that the driver was a younger woman. Due to the gravity of the incident, the driver was imprisoned with the penalty of seizing a driver’s license and a fine of 3,600 Swedish kroner or $400.

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