Saab fashion design – innovative way to keep a woman’s keys

Targeted promotional opportunities for premium brands often makes for some strange bedfellows, and resulted 2007 in premium aerospace and automotive brand Saab releasing ‘The Little White Purse.

Created by Fashion designer Osman Yousefzada, the purse was designed as an innovative way to keep a woman’s keys stylishly at hand. It banishes those clumsy key-fumbling moments so you look fashionably efficient while stepping into your car, home or workplace. According to Saab, on average a woman wastes 1 day each year fumbling around for keys in the bottom of her handbag, which does seem a lamentable waste of time.

saab design

The clever design means the purse can be worn as a necklace, attached inside a handbag, or around a wrist where it could no doubt double as a weapon should the need arise.

saab purese