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Saab eSID2 Update

Saab eSID2

Let me remind readers of blog that the authors are working on upgrading  Saab SID – eSID2.

A new upgrade for older Saab 9-3 versions is being prepared –  this update will work on older versions of the Saab 9-3 models, before MY2007.  Its time to reveal some more details about the new eSID. Author has been working on this project for more than two years now and its much more complex than the eSID2.

The new eSID is actually two components, the “eSID-HPD” that controls the display (HPD=High Position Display, Internal Saab name for the SID in early NG9-3) and the eSID-GW that is the data collection and processing unit.

Saab eSID 2 or just new eSID

eSID-HPD is mounted behind the SID in series with the existing cables, furthermore is that four cables are needed to be added: 3 cables to the SIDC (that controls the SID) and one for the I-bus.

Short demonstration of the upcoming new eSID for NG9-3 2003-2006:

Author still call it “the new eSID” as he hasn’t really figured a good name for the “package”, but it needs to include “eSID“.

We also like the function in eSID2 that you can see EngSpd, VehSpd, Torque and Power together but it is not good to look at it while performing an acceleration (focus on the road!).

In the new eSID the four functions are instead Torque, Power, Airmass and Boost but most importantly, if the Accelerator Pedal is pressed more than 90% it will show the maximum value for 10 seconds after releasing the pedal, which gives the driver a good amount of time to look at it after the acceleration.

To order an eSID2 (or new eSID), or if you require additional informationjust send a mail to “saab.esid{aat}


  • This is a very awesome project which i am very interested in. I do have one problem with my current sid which i would like to get fixed before i can think of upgrading. The control panel with the esp button does not light up and buttons have no effect. I figured you guys know this thing inside and out so maybe you can shed some light on this for me. Once again, great idea with the esid2 and I hope i will be notified when it is complete.

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