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Saab e900X – Saab 900 Reimagined as Electric Off-Road Concept

SAAB e900X Electric SUV

Spanish Transportation Design Student and designer from Valencia Iago Valino has just given his take on what future SAAB adventure off-road based on Saab 900 could look like. Unfortunately, in the near future, such a concept is not possible, but the graphic artist Iago very credibly revived the icon of Saab and turned it into a sports electric SUV that would be a wish for any adventurer.

As he says, this goal of this detailed study is to propose a near-future electric SUV to relaunch the brand in 2030. It would be good for the people in charge at Saab AB to read this, so that they might think a little more in this direction – the direction of re-raising the Saab car brand.

Saab e900X

As we have already pointed out, the model for this concept was the iconic Saab 900 Aero coupe. However, as it is a potential SUV model, Iago Valino decided to raise its concept to a higher ground clearance and to provide it with all-wheel drive.

Saab e900X SUV
Saab e900X SUV – fits perfectly into the winter environment

This makes your car business even more functional than if it had remained an ordinary coupe, so it would allow potential buyers to spend more time in nature, on the mountain and on skis. That is why he set aside a special place for ski equipment at the concert and planned numerous compartments for storing winter sports equipment.

SAAB e900X interior design
SAAB e900X interior design

Also, the artist paid attention to the details and design heritage of the Saab brand. The key desing lines or even characteristic three-spoke wheels try to evoke those present on the iconic Saab 900 but bringing them to the present day. And there are some other features that the designer has transferred from old Saab cars to this interesting sports concept, such as:

  • panoramic windshield
  • flat simple surface
  • roof line and rear drop
  • parallelism and contuinity of the lines
  • front and rear end lights
  • headlights
  • 3-spoke rims

Saab 900 Heritage Design Lines

Still, we who are used to the Saab line design are missing the famous Hockey stick, on the rear side windows, but that is probably a consequence of the ignorance of the design heritage of Saab completely by this excellent designer.

Certainly, this Hockey stick would already be somehow integrated into your great concept, with which most of us would like to go skiing somewhere this winter.

The new Saab logotype

Iago Valiño elaborated on this concept and all its functionalities, but went a step further. He even redesigned the famous SAAB logo, and that can be said quite successfully. He made the new logo, from a simple sign with the letters SAAB, written into the “electrified” Saab logo, in the spirit of the one that the NASA agency has. And that seems very convincing.

Saab e900 X Rear end