SAAB Safety

Saab Driving Safety

Saab Driving Safety

When you drive, your attention should focus on the road and the surrounding traffic. The actual skills involved in driving should be more intuitive. To support this, your Saab conveys vital signals from the chassis, engine and brakes as distinctly as it responds to your commands – silent communication that keeps you actively involved in the driving. Helping you to be in control for safer driving.


Receiving vital driving information is one thing. Filtering out unnecessary interference is equally important. Saab put immense effort into minimising driver distraction. That is why the ergonomically designed cockpit in a Saab integrates  ComSense safety concept. It’s a range of innovative functions designed to help driver stay focused behind the wheel.



Like the system that briefly delays warning messages on the instrument panel or incoming calls on the integrated telephone when high driver workload is detected – for example when turning, overtaking or braking. And the unique Saab Night Panel, designed to facilitate night driving. Press a button and the instrument panel apart from the speed -o meter fades out. The development of steering wheel controls for the audio system and telephone, as well as voice activation programs, are other means of helping you keep your attention on the road.

Saab Safety

Saabs performance philosophy is another expression of our approach to driving safety. Saab utilise the turbocharger to give our engines impressive mid-range torque. The result is instant response when you really need it – for safer overtaking. When you unleash these amounts of power it is also important to be able to curb that power efficiently. The brakes have to be reliable and durable, yet sensitive to your input. Just like in a Saab.

And of course, outstanding roadholding is essential for impressive driving safety. A Saab behaves consistently and forgivingly. In actual practice, this means that the car won’t amplify the mistakes the driver makes, but will instead help rectify the situation. The well-balanced, responsive chassis provides reassuring stability in curves while at the same time providing adequate advance warning as you approach the limits of road adhesion. In addition, the advanced Electronic Stability Program and a range of other electronic systems help boost driving safety even further.

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