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Saab Driver Taken for a Wild Ride

Saab 9-5 driver escaped from police

Situation we documented took place last week in Prague (Czech Republic), and recorded by police cameras. How big an idiot someone must be to ride like that? The reason will probably surprise you…

According to the information, Police noted young Saab driver who did not wearing a safety belt.When a police patrol used a Flashng lights to pull over a driver, but the driver in his Saab 9-5 Wagon attempted to escape from the police. The driver responded with aggressive and reckless driving.

Then begins reckless driving, which was dangerous for many road users. He reached a speed of 100km-h and failed to stop for police using flashing lights. He was eventually stopped when he slid off the road and crashed into a fence.

During the frantic drive this young man most likely crashed into several oncoming vehicles. This behavior in traffic is atypical for Saab drivers, but there is an exception to every rule.

Similar incident occurred last year, but in England:

VIDEO: Pursuit Saab driver leads police on wild chase in Lincoln


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  • I have a Saab 9-3 t 2006 . And I have a question . It’s an oil leak and I’m not quite sure where it’s coming from . I was wondering if there’s a common spot that leaks on these cars ? It seems to be to the back of the motor closest to the fire wall . And by the vacuum pump or oil pump . It drops on the exhaust and then smokes . Can u help me find it. Plz thks

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