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“Saab Driver” Magazine

The Magazine of the Saab Owners Club of Great Britain Limited

Whether your interest in Saab automobiles is the latest generation of turbocharged cars, the ring-g-g-g-a-ding-g-g-g of the two-strokers, or the smooth lines of the Sonett sports cars, the Saab Clubs are for you. One such club that has a long tradition is the British The SAAB Owners Club (GB). The club was formed immediately after the official launch of Saab car imports into the UK in 1960. As you can see, it is now exactly 60 years since the first Saab cars on UK roads.

The SAAB Owners Club (GB)

This enthusiasm was without doubt fuelled by the outstanding performances by the Two-strokes in the major rallies of this period. This early group of enthusiasts grew in number and it was on 17th May 1963, at the Cheshire Cheese Wine Cellar in London’s Fleet Street, that the SAAB Owners Club was officially formed, with an initial membership of 60.

Since then the Club has grown to around 6000 members, and is the largest and most comprehensive UK club for all Saab enthusiasts. Many of the early members are still in the club today. The Branches of the SAAB Owners Club provide local meeting places for members of the Club who wish to participate in a greater range of events. Currently this “umbrella” club has over 20 Branches across the UK. With the support of several select dealers, our members enjoy generous discounts on SAAB parts and accessories, and in some cases, labor as well.

The SAAB Owners Club Activities

The club caters for a broad spectrum of enthusiasts and to define the “typical” member is well nigh impossible. The cars owned by Club members range from the very earliest 92 Two-strokes to the very latest 9-5 and 9-3 models, with all models in between. Members come from all parts of the UK, and Europe. There are also members located around the world who enjoy the benefits of the Club.

The common bond is the same in all cases: an abiding enthusiasm for all things SAAB. Throughout the year events are organised, at National and Local level. The highlight is the SOC National Rally – a weekend event for all the family. Regular meetings are held at local branches covering the whole of the UK, giving all members the opportunity to meet and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the club on a regular basis.

Saab Driver magazine

“Saab Driver” – Saab Magazine Published by Saab drivers for Saab drivers

Like most major Saab clubs around the world, this club publishes its own Saab magazine. Members of the SAAB Owners club receive a copy of the club magazine ‘SAAB Driver’ bi-monthly, and magazine The magazine is also available in electronic PDF format.

The magazine has a large number of pages, mostly over 60 pages, and comes in full color. The magazine carries articles, news, technical and many other items. The content of the magazine varies from month to month. Features include Steering Wheel, Car Clinic, Post Bag, Model Registers, Formula Junior, SAAB BUTIK, etc. Other articles which appear in the magazine include members reports and stories of their SAAB experiences. Motorsport reports from members competing at various levels of competition.

Of course, the magazine is only available to members who regularly pay membership fees, because it still takes some effort and time to create this magazine. Still, anyone interested can browse through the Sample copy online, here’s the link:

Sample SAAB Driver Magazine [PDF 4.56Mb]