Saab DPF Regeneration

While returning back from Slovenia the Limited performance notifications came on.  The Saab 9-3 SC TTiD was still driving fine but max. speed on highway was about 120km/h, with a much heavier and slower acceleration.

When I came home, classmates are connected to Autocom car diagnostics say fault code for DPF regeneration (Diesel Particle Filter).

In many cases the filter never finds the opportinity of regenerate and then happens the failure. 


From Autocom car diagnostics We performed DPF Regeneration. Put the car in the shade, Open the hood for better cooling,  rear end of the car direct to free space… and click Start.

Engine RPM is raised to 3500, and temperature on DPF sensors was raised too (about 600 °C ). After approximately 5 minutes in the process is ended, and the problem is solved. After that, leave the engine to work to be able to cool down.

In practice, it looks like this video is from YouTube: