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Saab DIY: Outside Temperature Sensor Replacement

Outside Air Temperature Sensor Replacement

Does anyone know if the outside temperature sensor affects the ACC system? Short answer is yes,  it does affect the way the air-con works. If this sensor is defective, your air-conditioner will not work properly, and you will not have the appropriate temperature in the cabin, which can be very uncomfortably.

ACC uses different sensors, the outside air temp, the little sensor in the middle of the dashboard by the windscreen (sunlight sensor), internal air temp to calculate what temp air to supply to the cabin, if the outside is warm it will blow cold, if the outside is cool it will blow warm, without you having to change the temp on the ACC controller.

Outside Temperature Sensor

Since this spare part is quite cheap and it is easy to change, if it’s faulty in your car – you can replace it yourself, here are the video instructions:

Replacement is done on model Saab 9-5, but it is almost the same as on other Saab cars. And, Fyi if the sensor not working the a/c will not work.

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