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Saab Design copied by Other Car Manufacturers

Saab 9-3 KIA sorento

Historically, it is known that the Saab invested heavily in research and design. On the other hand, many manufacturers have not invested a lot of effort into the design and development, and are usually engaged in copying. Especially, those “copies” are coming from the east. We feel bad when we see them harvesting the ideas of Saab designers.

Do you see the similarities here? A product can be copied by a competitor; a brand is unique.

Saab 9-3 Kia Sorento

saab nissan rogue

Saab 9-4x - KIA Sorento

Saab KIA interior

Saab Aero-x concept

saab nissan pathfinder

Saab 9-5 Hyundai Elentra

Saab Lincoln

Saab-9-5 NG / Audi Prologue Concept


  • Although it doesn’t have the same visual motifs, try out a Skoda Octavia. Anyone used to a NG900 or OG9-3 will be instantly at home there, right down to position of cruise control and the design and size of the boot/hatch. The only thing missing is a key in the middle! I don’t mind this though, as I’m hoping that VW will take over the brand and base a new 900 or 9-3 on the Octavia, which is a brilliant car. Anyone missing Saab and wanting a new car, give the Skoda a go. GM made a real mess of things trying to “badgeneer” a Saab from their crummy Opel cars, but a re-shell of the Skoda range (which are themselves based on Golfs, etc!) could make an excellent platform on which to base new Saabs.

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