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SAAB Corvette 99

Saab Corvette 99

You might remember the SAAB EV- prototype – fantastic coupe with five-way adjustable power seats from a Corvette.

Chevrolet Corvette is a real iconic car and in this case Saab’s prototype they are just the same shape and do not have much touching points.

However, a Swedish enthusiast Mika Juntunen linked these two icons, Saab 99 and Corvette, in one new convert called SAAB Corvette. This special car was born as his hobby, but due to re-prioritization of his life, e is forced to sell this project now (family goes before cars).

For those who are interested, Read more about it in the latest issue of the BILSPORT / 21 magazine, which is available in right now (big report with facts and pictures).

Essentially, the Saab 99 is converted into a sports Corvette car – american icon, and as you can see – the author was very successful.

According to the seller’s words, The price is not “carved in stone”,  it is flexible, but the price starts from 99,000 swedish kronor (i.e. $12,000).

Interesting, Just like Leif Mellberg, and Mika – creator of this Saab 999 Corvette – is real car customizer. One of his projects is an odd amphibian vehicle inspired by the military version of Hummer-Humvee:

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